How to Incorporate Smart Home Technology into Your Custom Home

Ditch the mundane, embrace the magical! In today's world, custom homes go beyond bricks and mortar – with smart home technology, they become immersive hubs of convenience and efficiency. 

Imagine effortlessly controlling your entire environment with a voice command or a tap on your phone. From automating lights and temperature to securing your haven and rocking out to personalized tunes in every room, smart home technology transforms your daily routine into a seamless symphony.

Top Smart Home Features in 2024

To be honest, it seems like you can now automate just about anything. Several smart home innovations rise to the top as the strongest – and most developed – technologies available to homeowners:

1. Smart Lighting

If you were anything like us as a child, you always dreamed of having lights that would turn on with a mere voice command or a snap of your fingers. Oh, and a time machine, of course!

Although we don’t have a way to travel back in time (yet), automated lighting is a very real and readily available option for today’s custom home buyers. With smart lighting, you can dictate when lights turn on and off each day, or even program your lights to only switch on if there’s actually someone in the room. This is super convenient and saves a fortune on electricity. 

With modern lighting technology, you can also automate the lighting type and color. This makes it easy to set the overall mood of your home throughout the day – bright lighting for daytime productivity and soft lighting for evening relaxation.

2. Climate Control

There’s nothing worse than fiddling with a finicky thermostat to ensure every room in the house remains comfortable. In the past, it took new custom home owners YEARS to master climate control. 

Not anymore! Now, smart thermostats establish your home’s climate schedule much more efficiently. They quickly memorize your family’s preferences at different times of the day (in different rooms of the house) and automatically adjust your thermostat. You’ll maximize comfortability across your entire home, save on your electric bill, AND reduce your carbon footprint. It’s a win-win-win!

3. Elevated Security

You’ve just pulled into work and you realize you forgot to lock the back door after letting your dog out this morning! Luckily, you have a smart security system that lets you lock your door from your phone – even from the other side of town.

But that’s not all you can do with a smart security system.

Hate struggling with stubborn keys? With smart locks, you can unlock your door from the palm of your hand – no key required! 

Want to “answer” the door without having to actually answer the door? Install a video doorbell with two-way communications and a camera. You can even use it to capture footage (and scarre away) porch pirates and dong-dong ditchers. 

Need to keep an eye on things while your kids stay home alone? No problem! Through an app on your phone, you can monitor every motion sensor, alarm, and security camera in real time.

4. Smart Audio

While lights can do wonders for the ambiance of your home, music has an even greater impact. Smart audio systems let you stream different tunes in every room (and even outdoors), creating the perfect soundtrack for every activity.

Jam out to your favorite classic rock playlist in the kitchen while your daughter sings along with Taylor Swift in the living room, your son chills out to lofi beats in his bedroom, and your husband retreats to the screened-in porch to watch his big football game – all simultaneously!

5. Outdoor Water & Lighting

Say goodbye to wilting plants and overflowing gutters! Smart irrigation systems automatically water your landscaping based on the weather, saving water and keeping your yard looking lush. Outdoor smart lighting adds ambiance and security, transforming your patio into an oasis.

6. Smart Appliances

What if your refrigerator told you when you were low on coffee creamer or your kid’s favorite fruit pouches? Or what if your dryer knew exactly when to start so you can ACTUALLY fold the laundry when the cycle finishes? 

Smart appliances are learning to anticipate your needs, making life easier and more efficient. We’re talking washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, speakers, televisions, vacuums, you name it!


Smart Home Tech & The Construction Process

Now that you know your smart technology options, let’s dive into the actual process of implementing them into your new home.

  1. Work with a knowledgeable builder – Be picky! Find a custom home builder who has extensive experience with smart home constructions.

  2. Establish your priorities – Are you going “smart” for the convenience or energy efficiency? Are you worried about security? Or is your home entertainment the most important factor? What does your family’s daily routine look like? Take all this into consideration when choosing the smart home ecosystem and specific technologies to install in your home.

  3. Know what factors to consider – Integrating smart technology isn’t as simple as plugging a cord into a wall outlet. You have to iron out a few details during the design phase, including wiring infrastructure, device placement, and future upgrade potential.

  4. Prioritize in-wall installations – Ditch those ugly external power outlets. Instead, be more discreet with concealed wiring, control panels, and smart switches. 

  1. Future-proof your smart home – You’re building a home that you and your family will love for generations. Your smart features should be able to adapt as your needs change and new technology emerges.

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